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Water Pump – R Series

Water Pump – R Series Automatic Water Pump MITSUBISHI is a water pump used to suck water from a well or a tank. To deliver to the water supply tank on the building (Suitable for high-rise buildings) High power motor Waterproof, durable, redesigned, sealed by Frame Aluminum Fan Cooling and fins cooling. Turn off the protection of animals or insects into the motor. The sound goes silent. Increased water delivery capacity

Water Pump - R Series

High Quality And High Performance For Water

  • Motor, 5 year Warranty, New Design Propeller Give More Water and Continuous Force
    The motor frame is made of strong and durable aluminum, resistant to corrosion and with good heat dissipation. The newly designed fan blades, with a copyrighted U-shape design by Mitsubishi Electric, provide more space for water squeezing and reduce resistance. As a result, they have higher efficiency in pumping larger amounts of water with stronger continuous flow, responding to the needs of modern water usage equipment.

Double Safety

Thermo Protector

Suc-Joint and Housing


  • Automatic constant pressure water pump.
  • The electronic circuit board is coated with a waterproof resin and enclosed in a plastic box made from non – flammable materials.
    Additionally, a metal box is added for an extra layer of safety.

    A flow switch is used to accurately measure the water usage and send signals to ensure that the water pump creates a consistent pressure at all times. This helps to maintain a constant temperature for the water heater or hot water machine.
  •  Nitrogen Tank
  •  Steel Tank


  • Automatic constant pressure water pump.
  • Constant Water Pressure

The air refill equipment can refill air quickly, reducing the problem of frequent machine interruptions, along with a pressure control switch. It cuts off the automatic operation, helping to make the work quieter.

  •  Durable, Rust-Free, and Safe.
Tanks are pressure-welded using Seam Welding technology, capable of withstanding high pressure and without leakage. The body of the tank is coated with a special epoxy that is food-grade, while the exterior is coated with a special paint that is resistant to sunlight. It is free from toxic substances and corrosion-resistant.


  •  Transporting water from well or storage tank on a building.


  •  Inverter Pump 

Automatically working according to the on-off rhythm of the water tap, this 500-watt motor helps increase pressure to a constant level, allowing water to be pumped up to a maximum of 70 liters per minute. It can support the use of water at up to 10 different points simultaneously, making it suitable for medium to large-sized residences. Additionally, it is energy-efficient and highly economical.

  • Inverter Control
  • Pressure Sensor & Flow Sensor
  • DCBL Motor